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1. You will need to create a new login to access the new site.
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NOTE: The FIRST TIME you access the new site you will enter your username and password from the OLD site.

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Site Contacts
Statewide Process Potato Inspection
Jeff Alder - Ag. Program Manager
(208) 678-8168
Agricultural Inspections Division
Cindy Stark - Administrator
(208) 332-8677
Blackfoot District
JP Morgan - Section Manager
(208) 785-2070
Boise Headquarters
Laura Thomas - Bureau Chief
(208) 332-8672
Burley District
Shane Dallolio - Section Manager
(208) 678-8168
Caldwell District
Denise Hughes - Section Manager
(208) 454-7657
Idaho Falls District
Steve Oberhansley - Section Manager
(208) 525-7159